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11 December 2014

Tribute to an Eco-Warrior

Exactly two months ago Rhino Tracker, Daniel Alfeus “Boxer” //Hawaxab was laid to rest at an emotional funeral in Sesfontein, Namibia. With the blessing of Boxer’s family, Save The Rhino Trust of Namibia (SRT) wishes to lead a tribute to his life, his legacy and his wish that black rhino will always range his birth soil.

The blood of Damara warriors flowed in Boxer’s veins. In the 11 years he worked for SRT, his rigid commitment to saving black rhinos elevated him to be an Eco- Warrior of the highest order. He did not carry a spear, gun or panga, but was armed to the teeth with bushcraft, resilience and passion. As with the deep tradition of any warrior, Boxer was not deterred by the extreme heat, nor the desolate and harsh environment, nor the long weeks on foot. Neither was he deterred by the impending danger of armed poachers and the tentacles of their criminal networks.

SRT remains in shock. Boxer finished his work rotation and was dropped at his house for his week off on 30 September, as strong and fit as his namesake. On 7 October, Boxer was dead, presumed to be from snakebite. So rapid was the onset of his sickness that SRT was first informed of his death, not his sickness. Against the normal tradition, Boxer was buried in only a few days – his family was already grieving the passing of a relative and they wanted the funerals together.

Boxer leaves a legacy of selfless dedication. Of bravery. Of integrity and respect. His spirit was beyond intimidation to his last moments.

As the dark clouds of a poaching epidemic close in, we make an appeal that Boxer’s legacy preserving the desert adapted black rhino inspires others in Namibia and around the world.

Our friend and colleague’s life was taken too early. It was taken on the soil of his ancestry. He died a warrior, fighting not the wars of his ancestors, but a war against ruthless and mindless greed.

Rest in Peace, Daniel Alfeus “Boxer” //Hawaxab

On behalf of the //Hawaxab family, we invite you to leave your own tribute to Boxer - and what his legacy stands for. Go to Save The Rhino Trust Namibia on Facebook.

Save the Rhino Trust in Namibia has been successfully protecting the desert-adapted black rhino of the Kunene and Erongo regions for 30 years. Working closely with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, our dedicated teams of trackers go out on daily foot/camel/donkey and vehicle patrols to monitor this last truly free-ranging population of black rhino in the world. With South Africa's poaching crisis raging on our doorstep, we need your support NOW to continue our work and save these magnificent and unique creatures for future generations to enjoy.


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