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Home Programmes World Rhino Day 22 September 2011

World Rhino Day 22 September 2011

Help create awareness of the plight of Rhinos because they belong to all of us and their survival is more threatened than ever before.

In 2010 the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) organized World Rhino Day on 22 September. They created awareness of the plight of rhinos by asking people to make a noise; honk their horn, blow a vuvuzela, shout out  - anything at all to make a noise for the rhino.

Continuing the tradition, international organization Saving Rhinos and Chishakwe Ranch in Zimbabwe have declared 22 September 2011 to be the second World Rhino Day.

In Namibia, Save the Rhino Trust's ( dedicated staff have been monitoring and patrolling the desert-adapted rhino in the Kunene region for the past 28 years. While the poaching crisis that is currently being experienced in South Africa and Zimbabe has not yet spilled over the borders into Namibia, there is growing fear that this is imminent.

Donations (however large or small) towards supporting the Save the Rhino Trust's work will be gratefully received on World Rhino or any other day of the year! Banking details can be found on our website or call in at our offices (Otavi Bahn Building, Sam Nujoma Avenue, Swakopmund - next to the Snake Park).

Despite everyone's best efforts, the future of rhino looks grim unless we can:
  • educate horn users about the facts. Namely that rhino horn has very little or no medical benefits at all. It is made of the same stuff as our fingernails
  • generate public concern/outrage which will help with both of the above and
  • attract more funding to make the organization even more successful
Here are some other ideas to create awareness leading up to and on World Rhino Day:
  • Make a poster (or several) and display on 22 September. Put them up in your car window, shop window, schools, business and wherever else they will be seen
  • Facebook, Twitter, blog, sms your objections to rhino being poached and spread the word that rhino horn has no medicinal value at all. They are dying for NO good reason
  • Organise a fund raising event for rhino anti-poaching. Some ideas include a sponsored walk, spelling bee, bridge party, golf day, raffle, auction
REMEMBER: In Namibia, Save the Rhino Trust needs YOUR support!