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Correction of Misinformed News Articles and Shows

We at Save the Rhino Trust have just come to learn about a wide scale media campaign in the USA and Europe stating that Save the Rhino Trust is selling off black rhino to be hunted to fund our operations. We are utterly shocked by the irresponsible media widely publishing this untruth with links to our organization without ever contacting us to ascertain the truth. Certainly this could be considered defamation.

Save the Rhino Trust does not have any decision making power on issues such as hunting rhino in or outside of Namibia and we are not at all part of these decisions. In fact we are not even informed of these decisions. We find out by way of the media ourselves. In Namibia, this is purely a decision made by the government of Namibia and we have no authority on the matter.

If you are concerned over this matter then we would suggest that you contact the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism as well as the Department of Parks and Wildlife in the Ministry of Environment and Tourism to follow up on any specific queries or concerns you have.

It is a rather low blow to attack a small African NGO who has no resources to defend itself against defamation. This is a major injustice. International media is busy reporting misinformation against those that are actually on the front lines of defending this critically endangered species. Spreading rumors without first getting facts is a continuation of the injustice which will continue to lead to this species not having the defense it deserves.

We do not directly receive money from hunting, we have nothing to do with hunting, and we have not at all been approached in this regard either, so to say that we will be receiving money from a rhino hunt is entirely inaccurate. We are not responsible for hunting and we are not associated with hunting. Our job at Save the Rhino Trust is to save rhino and that is exactly what we do every waking hour of our lives.

Please help us spread the truth against this wide-scale media attack.


Save the Rhino Trust in Namibia has been successfully protecting the desert-adapted black rhino of the Kunene and Erongo regions for 30 years.  Working closely with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, our dedicated teams of trackers go out on daily foot/camel/donkey and vehicle patrols to monitor this last truly free-ranging population of black rhino in the world.  With South Africa's poaching crisis raging on our doorstep, we need your support NOW to continue our work and save these magnificent and unique creatures for future generations to enjoy.


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